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LED Display Solution

How to solve the LED display "Mosaic" problem?

 What is the LED display Mosaic phenomenon?

The LED module (light-emitting diode) is arranged according to certain rules to encapsulate together. And add some waterproof treatment of products. It is the LED module. Described the quadrilateral module's main visual surface could be used for fuzzy module with the adornment of the stitching line structure. LED module COB light and LED side source are from the perspective of visual and optical. Let the short line form the dislocation line, use of visual linearity. About the human eye vision from the top to down (or move around) can't both dislocation, it must numerous displacement discontinuity short line segments form countless displacement discontinuity short line segments. So as to eliminate the gap between the due to the module of LED display Mosaic phenomenon. 
The LED module is more widely used products in LED products, in the aspect of structure and electronic there are great differences, simple is to use an LED circuit board and the shell became an LED module. The complex will add some control, Constant current source and the related processing the LED life and luminous intensity of heat dispelling better.
How to solve the problem of "Mosaic"?
On every piece of LED display manufacturers use the same batch of red, green and blue led lamps, And this batch of led lamp are red, green, blue for second step. It will be divided into 5 files. And the constant current source of each class is uniformly distributed to the whole screen for the LED unit board production. With standard production ensure LED lights are in the same module in the same equilibrium position.
Control the mould making process, to ensure that all the leds of the module in a horizontal, up and down, and no abnormal offset. After glue, the lights are filled by standard front cover. 
Every single module LED unit board of brightness adjustment, it means white balance tweaks.
In this way, ensure the evenness of the white balance between modules.


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