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LED Display Solution

Die-casting aluminum led electronic screen eight features

 1, light weight, Shanghai HARSE Electromechanical box size 576 * 576 mm, weight was only about 24 kg per square enclosure, a single box weighs just 8 kg, single single hand, save installation time.

2, thin body: the box body is made of die casting aluminum forming, high strength, high tenacity, high precision, it is not easy deformation, its thickness is only 80 mm;
3, the screen body flat: surface flatness error < 0.2 mm, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of Mosaic;
4, quick disassembling: the body is used to connect the up and down or so fast locking mechanism, two handle to turn 90 degrees can lock two boxes, 10 s can complete the installation of a box body, the installation precision is high.Fast and reliable casing stitching and wiring connection, namely beautiful beautiful can realize quick disassembling in the true sense.
5, maintenance easy: using modular design, assemble screen anywhere disassembly easy installation, simple maintenance.
6, capacity: a new structure design, meet the requirement of hoisting, overlapping, and satisfies the requirement of indoor and outdoor.Single box body, a variety of distance compatible, indoor outdoor module compatible.
7, high: high gray level high refresh rate design, grey level 14 bit, refresh rate > 960 hz;
8, low: excellent heat dissipation design and heat dissipation performance, don't need external fan, air conditioning, etc., low noise;Body weight is light, the installation cost is low;Housing low power consumption, save operating cost.
Five highlights:
Light, a single body weight only 4.5 KG, 5.1 KG.
Thin: 20 mm the thinnest thickness, the maximum thickness of 70 mm.
Fast: 1 hour single 100 cabinets can be completed through the whole screen installation, and 50 seconds to complete the whole screen any housing replacement.
: unlimited length of hoisting, fixed installation, lifting height can be up to 20 m, can also be joining together of outer arc within 15 °, and can be drawn from the whole screen any enclosure, implement any creative style.
Save: save time, build, maintain rapid quickly;Saving, simple handling, handling light;Save money, price is 20% lower than the die-casting aluminum enclosure, and truss of low cost, transportation cost is low.
Full color LED rental screen areas of application: leasing company, stage performances, sporting events, publicity, information release, celebration, hotels, entertainment and other fields.


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