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LED display screen product features of manufacturer
1.LED circuit boards do three proofing coating protection. (anti-corrosion, anti-static and moistureproof) Circuit board is
  double-sided glass fiber copper plate from 1.8 mm to 2.2 mm , improving the reliability of products.
2.Power supplies of LED manufacturer adopt high stability of the international famous brand.(CL5V40A or Lenovo 5V40A).
3.IC of LED manufacturers adopt international famous brand Toshiba TB62747AF or accumulate MBI5026.(In extreme circumstances,
  parameters fluctuation coefficient is little.Toshiba and accumulation are famous for the strongest stability.)
4.LED manufacturer's cabinets have rear cover and fans. All waterproof, fully enclosed standard cabinet, protection grade reaches IP65
Quality assurance
Harse ensures product quality with the international first-class testing instruments and production equipment. After years of development.
in quality control and process management is one of the LED manufacturers well-known enterprises in domestic .

The choice of HARSE LED manufacturer (Luminous tube)
1.The same display red, green and blue luminous diode use the same class (With same height and wavelength).
2.Red, green, and blue tube in the ratio of the brightness of the display strictly accordant with the R, G, B = 3:6:1
3.We cooperate with well-known brands at home and abroad. Chips adopt hangzhou Silan, Taiwan Opto, Xiamen three Ann and
  Taiwan Epistar and so on.

The reliability test
LED manufacturers of HARSE in order to avoid hidden defects in  production and design, .We develop a series of reliability experiment .
1.Semi-finished products performance experiment, before sealant , semi-finished modules must pass QC testing.All products on electricity
  aging at least 48 hours before delivery.
2.Finished product aging test, we put modules into the LED cabinets, simulate the scene and assemble the whole screen , Through 72 hours
  aging test and then can delivery.
3.Waterproof experiment, outdoor full color LED display screen increase the high pressure water experiments of screen, for each case do
  contamination of water and rain water  experiment, to make sure the waterproof effect.
4. Antiseptic experiment, Harse ensures antiseptic reliability of circuit board and cabinets, in the process of production must be salt fog test.

Module parameters of p20 shanghai led screen:
Pixel Pitch
Pixel composing
module resolution
16dots* 8 dots
Module size
320mm * 160mm
Whole p20 shanghai led screen specification
Pixel pitch
Short circuit protection
Standard cabinet size
1280mm*960mm or design
400 Hz
Weight per sqm
Changing frame frequency
60 Hz
Whiteness brightness
6000 cd/sqm
Driving method
Constant driving ,1/1scan
Led package
Working Environment
Wave Angle (H)
Working temperature
Best view distance
Working Humidity
Working voltage
AC 220v/380v±10%50~60Hz
Out of control
1/10,000 ( scattered)
Power consumption/ m2
100,000 hours


LED screen display:
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