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Outdoor Single Color LED Displays

 P16 Double Color LED Screen

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Description of our P16 Double Color LED Screen :
~P16 Double Color LED Screen can be used in bright sunlight as well as in rain and is thus ideal for use at all indoor locations.  
~Any LED in each pixel can be respectively replaced, which reduce the cost of the led screen maintenance.
~Led panels having good lighting accordance and no mosaic.Getting vivid effect within any position of the viewing range.
~Multiple design components to meet customer applications and the needs of the environment changes.
~Uniformity is good, and led display  has very good consistency luminescence.
~Remote control network.The computer can display the broadcast advertising contents that was divided into sessions and rolling cycle to reduce the cost of advertising.
~P16 Double Color LED Screen connected with the computer that install the special software we provided  can show patterns,text and animation. 
Advantages of P16 Double Color LED Screen:
1) Price Advantage: we have the best competitive price at the market, also have the same even better quality.
2) Performance Advantage: Best Equality, high consistency, Big viewing angle, can repair each led lamps
3) Quality advantage: From material to finished product, from design to produce, we control all steps, that's the guarantee of the quality and reliability.
4) Service advantage: Better service at same situation, better cooperation at same service!
Application area of P16 Double Color LED Screen: 
1) Full color LED display : Equally or compactly make the red, green, blue color in one dot, equally distribute at the panel, so make the whole display
2) Usually apply for physical sports, advertisement, bank, stock exchange, station, port, marketplace, telecommunication, department, school, monitor, restaurant, entertainment.
Module parameters of P16 Double Color LED Screen

Pixel Pitch


Pixel composing




module resolution

16 dots* 8 dots

Module size

256mm * 128mm

 Whole screen specification of p16 double color led screen


Pixel pitch


Short circuit protection


Standard cabinet size

768*384mm or design


400 Hz

Weight per sqm

35 Kg/sqm

Changing frame frequency

60 Hz

Whiteness brightness

3000 cd/sqm

Driving method

Constant driving ,1/4scan

Led package


Working Environment


Wave Angle (H)


Working temperature


Best view distance


Working Humidity


Working voltage

AC 220v/380v±10%50~60Hz

Out of control

1/10,000 ( scattered)

Power consumption/ m2



100,000 hours

Relevant product information


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