lcd video wall

lcd video wall

The narrowest can reach 5.3mm (55did)……

Double color led screen

Mobile Truck Led Screen

P10 outdoor mobile led screen, size 10sqm, export to Ethopia……

Double color led screen

Double color led screen

p16 double color(1R1G) outdoor led screen, size 6sqm. export to Nigeria ……

Double color led screen

indoor full color led screen

p10 full color led screen, size 11.52sqm, export to Chile……

Double color led screen

Stadium led display

p10 full color led screen, size 11.52sqm, export to Chile……

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mobile led screen

 Trailer Mobile LED Screen

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Product features:

1. Large widescreen perfect experience:
E - K50II 12 ㎡ full-color outdoor LED screen, mainstream 16:9 widescreen display on the screen size and resolution to achieve perfect balance, bring strong audio-visual experience with high-power stereo equipment; Military level of audio-visual integration control system ensure the smooth running stability, compatibility support various types of video files.

2. Outdoor warrior Fear wind and rain:
Give full consideration to the outdoor operation factors, the designer to reasonable proportion of the vehicle weight, give full consideration to drainage factors, set up a fixed support leg, and the key parts of waterproof design;Shell adopts full steel quality, across the board to improve combat, wind, seismic, prevent capsizing, rain, such as design standards, ensure ahead of the industry standard.

3. Streamline appearance Elegant simplicity:
Designers to improve the function on the basis of balancing the appreciation of the body, the vehicle smooth lines smooth, simple style and elegant, suitable for all kinds of environment, but also for the user to personalized decoration products to reserve enough space.

4. Imported hydraulic elevator security and stability:
Imported hydraulic lifting system security and stability, can travel 2 m;Can be adjusted according to the requirements of the environment, LED screen, make sure the audience get the best viewing Angle.


Technical Parameters of mobile led display:






Turning Angle

Left and right, each is 15 degree

Total weight




Lifting system

Lifting method

Shear fork liftdistance: 2000mm

Supporting system

Ball screw supportdistance:300mm

LED screen

Screen size


Module size

256mm(W) ×128mm(H)


6500cd/ m²

Pixel pitch

8 mm

Average consumption

350W/ m²

Max. Consumption

800 W/ m²

Power supply

Input voltage

Three phase, 5 wire 380V

Output voltage





Average consumption0.5wh/m²

Broadcast system configuration

multimedia player

Support U disk.Can implement remote playback, expand the implementation timing, call waiting, circulation and so on the many kinds of playback mode.And support for remote control volume, time switch, etc.

Video processor

Support 8-way signal input



power amplifier


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