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LED Display Solution

Four basic test for LED display failures

 Although LED display is very durable, it still will occur computer software failure, the whole screen is not bright, dizzy led display, parts not bright and the screen flash failure, etc during use process . 

1.To detect error through the short circuit. Set the multimeter to the short circuit test block( general with alarm function, make songs if it is conducted.) Detect whether there is a module of short circuit phenomenon,Found short circuit should be resolved immediately. Short circuit fault phenomenon is the most common for the led modules. By observing the IC pins and needle pin can be found. Short circuit test should be under the condition of the power circuit operation, to avoid damage to the multimedia. This method is simple and efficient , by commonly used.
2.To detect error through resistance. Set the multimeter to resistance, detect resistance from one point of a normal piece of circuit board to ground. And then detect the same point on other circuit board.
And see if there is a different between normal resistance value. If different criterion, we can know the scope of the problem.
3.To detect error through reduce pressure. Set the multimeter to the voltage drop pressure test file.
  Because all of the IC is composed of many basic unit parts, only the miniaturization, so when it is  energized on one pin, there is voltage drop on the pin. Generally the same type IC pins with similar  pressure. According to the pressure drop on the pin value judge they are good or bad. 
4. To detect error through voltage. Set the multimeter to the voltage profile. Detect voltage from suspected circuit to ground, to compare whether it is similar with normal. It easy to deter the scope of the problems.


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