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LED Display Solution

Four ways to identify LED lights

 1. The product packaging and trademark. This is the most simple and intuitive to distinguish method. LED lights on the outer packing should be marked with rated voltage, voltage range, and rated power information, and the brand trademark and related certification marks. Authentic LED lights on the packaging of trademark printing quality are good, clear, and not easy to fall off. False and inferior product logo printing quality is poorer, fuzzy; the partial products of trademark can be erased with a wet cloth. In addition, there are some bad products on the outer packing of no printing trademark and related certification marks.

2. The tubes look. The color of the lamp is white, after the handover, the color looks more white. When choose and buy, consumers can put more LED lights together for comparation, for example, tube shape and same size. In addition, it remains to be seen whether the appearance of the LED lights have crack, loose, and observe whether interface has been broken open a trace, If have, explain that it is inferior product. Authentic LED lights will not appear loose and wryneck in the process of installation. 
3. Look at the temperature of the work.
In working status, the temperature of the authentic LED lights will not too high, which can be touched by hands. In addition, if appear flashing leds lights, also shows its quality problems
4. The electromagnetic interference. When buying, consumers can use medium short wave radio for test. Put the radio after electrify near LED lights, observation noise on the radio, 
the lower the noise indicate the electromagnetic compatibility of the product is the better.


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