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LED Display Solution

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1. Adjustable Bracket


2. Horizontal Positioning Pair - "S" Locks


3. Handle Pair


4. Air Vent Pair


5. Waterproof Plug Pair - Signal


6. Waterproof Plug Pair - Power


7. Cabinet Locks


8. Soft Protective Headgear


9. LED Module with Soft Protective Shader









Sport perimeter LED displays are also called sport perimeter advertising boards.


They are mainly used in advertising around the stadium through the control system software.


The perimeter advertising boards are effective and show continuous advertising


messages on the LED displays across the entire perimeter of a sport field inside a stadium.


As this field around display uses 3 in 1 SMD technology,


it has a very sharp images and unrivaled viewing angles.


so it can used both indoor and outdoor sports field,


such as the football field, basket ball court, baseball court and so on.


HARSE sport perimeter led displays solution provides the buyers another


application choice by some enhancement design. As the bracket and be


adjusted together with the led cabinet, so it can also use as the normal


standard led display application, and also on base of sport perimeter led display,


HARSE has developed multifunction led display, it can cover all of your request for


led display applications






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