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LED Display FAQ

Common sense of Led display point correction

According to the brightness loss more lamp beads as standard, Correct of the brightness of the led display. After correction of the LED display screen brightness compared to the new one, lose around 20%. Of course, in addition to the above main function, Point by point correction have some additional features: such as crack repair, adjust the color temperature and improve some lamp brightness. Led hd display after using long time, lights will appear different degrees of light attenuation. It will cause the display brightness is not uniform; it is called the flower screen. Manufacturing industry try to start from the last process of led display. Through difference of the LED lamps driven by differences of to solve the problem, this is the point correction.
Point by point correction, collect each of the LED screen the brightness of the light point (and chroma) data acquisition, it is concluded correction factor of each light point, and then display the feedback to control system. By the control system correction factor is applied to implement to each point of the light difference drive, significantly improve the display pixel brightness (color) uniformity.
The current status of LED chip production process, determine the even with the batch production of the LED chip, luminous intensity between the individual and the main wavelength considerable differences still exist.
For led display, this kind of difference will seriously affect the display quality. First it must through the testing of luminosity, chromaticity and classified indicators, such as electric parameter that can be applied in the same screen.
In addition, the led display used for a period of time after the screen will be due to factors such as light failure inconsistent appear "Flower screen". It is also can not completely eliminate.


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