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LED Display FAQ

Parse of LED display video processor

 The led display video processor, which is a dedicated video signal processor. And its task, in simple terms, handle image signal from external into signal that LED display would be accepted. In the process, the LED video processor generally needs to complete the following process. 

One. Resolution specs conversion: In general, Image source (For example, blue-ray DVD, computer and Hd broadcast box, etc), supply fixed signal resolution (Refer to the VESA, ITU, SMPTE standards). Full color LED display modular splicing display make its resolution can be any value. The LED video processor converts all kinds of signal resolution LED display physical display resolution.
Two. Color space conversion: LED display color range is very wide. Most of the color image signal space is smaller. In order to make full color LED display screen has excellent image display effect, so color space conversion must be conducted. 
Three. Bit depth of ascension: current of the LED display gray level has been raised to 16 bits
or 17 bits. However, most input signal source is only 8 bits. As a result, followed in the footsteps of hd display, 10 bit even 12 bit processing technology is used in the application of the video processor. 
Four, Zoom: Resolution of the specification in the process of transformation, they need the image to zoom, whether its resolution increase or decrease, it can make the LED display complete images on the screen.
Five. Image processing and enhancement technique: Digital image processing technology development in the 1920 s to the present, there was a large number of patented technologies. 
Such as: DCDi, acc1acc2, ACM3D etc a series of patented technology. These technologies will make the visual effect of image had the very big improvement.


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