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LED Display FAQ

Precautions in installing LED Module

 1.Please escape the place where electromagnetic wave and noise is, which might cause malfunction to LED module, when install LED Display Board.

2.Impact and vibration to LED Module might be the reason of disconnection and dot off, please escape those factors.
3.Please escape the high humidity and leakage place which cause the LED module to be broken.
4.Please be careful not to be scratched and hurt on the surface of LED module.
5.Stacking LED modules without anti-impact material and wearing out the surface or/and edge of LED Modules might cause fatal problem。
6.It’s highly recommended to use twisted cable or shielded wire in order to remove the noise from high frequency.
7.Please be careful not to exposure LED Module to the dust, dirt, base, gas and other noxious gas, when install LED Display.
8.User shall consider the weight of LED module enough, when prepare steel structure and install LED Display Board.


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