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Led display news

Small pixel pitch led display into the big billions market of indoor led display

 The birth of small spacing of LED display, marked the LED display technology officially enter indoor various application fields.We believe that the small distance between the LED display technology will be no flat-fell seam, with its excellent display effect, the semiconductor technology progress and the advantages of the cost reduction, enter indoor application rapidly in the next few years.LED display is expected to be small spacing by stages, in whole or in part, to replace the indoor large screen display technology and fill the blank of the technology and the potential market space in billions more, will present the explosive growth in the next few years.We expect to see in the next five years (2014-2018), small spacing of LED display products market scale compound growth rate will reach 110%. 

Main point:
The first stage, into the professional indoor large screen display market. In command, control, monitoring, video conference, studio and other professional indoor large screen display applications, LED display is expected to be small spacing of DLP rear projection splicing technology, LCD/plasma splicing technology, projection and projection mainstream technology such as fusion technology to realize the alternative. We expect small spacing of LED display in the application in the field of global market potential rules in more than 20 billion.

The second stage, into the business conference and education fields. In the field of business conference display applications include large meetings and small meetings, such as the former parliamentary meeting in the meeting room, hotels, enterprises and institutions and so on more than one hundred people the meeting; The latter mainly index of ten small conference room. Application in the field of education from classroom to university ladder classrooms, the number of students in each class is less a few decades, many hundreds. These areas mainly use projection technology to display the required information. We believe that the small distance between the LED display in the field of global effective market space in more than 30 billion.

The third stage, into the high-end home market. Limited by technology of TV of a liquid crystal, now more than 110 inches of big screen the absence of high-end home television technology, projection technology and is difficult to meet the requirements of high-end users to watch the effect, therefore the future small spacing of LED display technology is expected with brilliant success in the field, we estimate the distance between the LED display technology in the field of global market space effectively in more than 60 billion. Into this field, still need to technological progress, improve the work and reduce the cost, at the same time also need to enterprises in the aspects such as product design, sales channels and after-sales service perfect layout.

Common indoor large screen display, cinema and screens are also important potential market. With LED display product prices fall, small spacing before using large distance between the LED display screen to display the common indoor of advertisement and information field, is gradually adopted small spacing LED products. In addition, standard cinema and non-standard screens also are trying to use small spacing of LED display technology. These global potential market space is expected to reach 10 billion.


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