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Fans from Hunan China Contractor huge LED screen for Kobe final game

Hunan(China) fans Contractor huge LED screen for Kobe’ final game


Beijing Time, 2016.4.14

Kobe Bryant went out absolutely firing in his final game before retirement, giving the Los Angeles Lakers one more dazzling display of offence to close out his 20-year career.

Fans worldwide have Shuabing "tribute to Kobe." from fans, we know that  today (date 14),

a Hunan fans himself Contractor several huge advertising LED display in Changsha city, to pay his tribute to Kobe, to interpretation of what is real "brush screen."

Today, around 9:00, before Bryant retired race started, fans Changsha Yuhua Ting Lee after Cade Square, they found a huge LED display board that flashed on the square wearing jersey No. 24 dribbling silhouette, and with there are 'a fragrant walk - Hunan fans' message.

Subsequently, many people through the circle of friends quickly drying out of the city of Changsha Wuyi Square 7UP, backgammon shop Wangjiawan Life Plaza, Trinity Avenue, West Wangfujing shopping malls, squares, etc. Hexi backgammon huge outdoor LED screen also appeared in ' Xiang a walk - Hunan fans, 'the picture in Yuhua Ting Cade Bryant Square there are even wearing clothes elements' Comet 'to take pictures.


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