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Led display news

Shanghai Harse Led display

Shanghai HARSE Electromechanical Technic Co.,Ltd is Professional equipment,

installation and 100% manufacturing LED displays.

LED displays HARSE 3 years of free warranty.

Providing Quality LED Display Products for over 7 years.

If you order more than 150 sqm of full-color LED screens, we give free installation.

Types of LED display / Outdoor:  Full color, Rental, Dual, Single LED display

Indoor:  Full color, Rental Dual, Single LED display

Types of Market: Transportation Traffic Management, Schools and Universities,

Government and Military Facilities, LED display Stock Market, Football stadiums,

 hockey stadiums, Advertising,Theatre and Box Office Signs, Storefront Digital Displays,

Houses of Worship, Gas stations, Wayfinding and Visitor Information, Clubs, Parties, Shows.



Latest LED project

  •  55 Inch 5.3mm bezel 3x3 lg video wall with ultra narrow bezel original lg tv lcd display panel
  • HARSE DID LED/LCD seamless lcd display video wall (with LED Backlight), high brightness, 4K supported
  • Supply high resolution 55 inch lcd video wall splice screen
  • Led display receiving card nova

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Mobile: + 86-18939720878 Chinese, English

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Please pay attention to the micro-channel Public number of Harse enterprises Shanghai Harse Electromechanical Technc Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing and installing led display. It's the guidance of experts
for you to choose the led display .

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