U Disk Controller Card

 U Disk Controller Card

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Technical Parameters of U disk controller card:

Product Name: TF-MU any partition U disk controller card

Features: multi-zone any partition , colorful borders , U disk to update the program , U disk parameters set screen , LED display asynchronous control card
U disk U disk support function to update the program, U disk and adjust the brightness, U disk set screen parameters. The use of stored files, U disk without affecting the original file. Use a card reader is compatible with SD cards, mini SD cards

Control range:
Monochrome 1280 × 32; 640 × 64; ( monochrome highly scalable to 128 points )
Color 640 × 32; 320 × 64;
Full color can interface with 08 full-color module 2 high , 75 /40 interface module a high

Onboard Interface: 2 08 interfaces ; 4 12 interfaces without an adapter plate to support a variety of common P10, 3.75,5.0 module
Scan Mode: Supports 1/ 16, 1 / 8, 1 / 4, 1 / 2 and static scan monochrome , color module traces of a variety of conventional
Storage capacity: 2M bytes

Number of programs: Supports up to 200 programs, each program area supports 16 simultaneous playback. Each graphic supports up to 200 messages. ( Quantity in storage space under the premise )

Display: rain, fountains, scrolls, etc. 45 animation effects.

Colorful Border: Colorful frame supports a variety of effects, support for custom picture frame.

Information Type: hypertext, pictures, animations, countdown, is timing, temperature, humidity, clock

Play Mode: Program Support turns playing, regular long- player, segment by date, time , week broadcast regularly

Time Display: dial clock, word clock, time in seconds, adjustable font size, you can set the time zone. Show support for time zones in control

Communication: serial communication, adjustable rate 57600, 9600, auto search, support U disk update program

Brightness adjustment: 16 brightness, support manual brighter, supports six time periods timed adjust the brightness

Screen Switch: manual switch screen, supports four time periods timer switch screen

Test button: Onboard test button, you can switch to test mode, the test color

Extended functions: temperature, humidity, RF wireless communications, monochrome extended height, full-color 75 Adapter Interface

Electrical parameters : +5 V DC (4.5V ~ 6V), power consumption is less than the normal working 0.5W, read U disk power consumption less than 2W

Working temperature : -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Physical Dimensions: 100mm × 55mm, the positioning hole distance : 60mm × 47.2mm

LED screen display:
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