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Video Image Processor For LED Displsy

 Video Image Processor For LED Displsy

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Introduction of video processor:

1. Multiple sets of input signal,seamless switching, fades to switch
2. The maximum output resolution of single is 2048x1152, meet the maximum points Of double send card cascade
3. DVI Loop output, Parallel Multiprocessor to realize synchronous stitching, Unlimited LED dot matrix display driver
4. 4 kinds of custom dual-screen (PIP / POP)mode, Display a variety of effect by a key switch

Features of LVP605 video image processor:

1. 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Deinterlacing video processing
2. A new generation of true color image processing Faroudja® Real Color®
3. Video image enhancement Faroudja® TureLife™
4. Advanced 4x4 the pixel matrix interpolation scaling algorithm
5. Advanced 4 characteristics lookup table to enhance scaling processing
6. Completely independent horizontal and vertical Scaling processing
7. HDMI 1.3a Full digital HD 1080p input
8. SDI、HDSDI(1080p) input
9. 0 -bit digital image processing
10. Multiple sets of input signal,Seamless switching, Fades to switch
11. HD caption superposition function

Operate diagram of video processor:

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LED screen display:
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