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LED Display Solution

Outdoor LED display how to deal with extreme environment

 Nowadays, with the widely application of the outdoor full-color LED display, in many extreme environments have appeared led displays. Then, we need more powerful and better outdoor full-color LED display to meet the needs of this particular market.

One, outdoor full-color LED display needs explosion-proof security.
Outdoor full-color LED display is generally used in outdoor public spaces, Public safety and the safety of the device itself is the problem for thinking. General outdoor full-color LED display can adopt special tempered laminated glass; even if the glass broken, also can produce similar spider mesh fine grinding crack, debris strongly adhere to the middle layer, in this way, You
can avoid the glass drop caused personal injury or property loss. In addition, facing security problems, we should avoid screw exposed. And combined with anti-theft lock functions and the structure of the solid support to solve the problem of guard against theft. 

Two, Outdoor full-color LED display lightning protection
Outdoor full-color LED display, sometimes need a 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast, under the lightning weather, also need to normal operation. So, outdoor full-color LED display must have lightning electric control equipment. In the thunderstorm days ensure equipment is safe and effective operation. 

Three, Outdoor full-color LED display with prevent reflection
To ensure the outdoor environment interface is clearly visible, the reflection is also thinking to important aspect. It is necessary to adopt the special coating process of glass. In order to improve the visual point of view and resolution of the picture and reduce the screen reflective.
  Four, Outdoor full-color LED screen to prevent electromagnetic interference
Outdoor environment is not controllable characteristic. Preventing electromagnetic disturb of the outdoor full-color LED display function has become very important. We can't change the outdoor environment, but we can adopt shielding measures for internal electrical parts of the equipment. It is effective to prevent the internal components and interference of cable. And prevent external electromagnetic disturb of outdoor full-color LED display.


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