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LED Display Solution

GPRS wireless LED screen information publishing system for product realization

GPRS wireless LED screen information publishing system for product realization

One: Overview.

Because the traditional led display information input only through a cable connected with the computer directly,

So the traditional LED display can't meet the needs of the remote real-time release of information. In this case,

Led display can't build large-scale networked information publishing system . Based on the GPRS wireless network technology development,provide common LED communication control interface, and

then realize LED display of large-scale network. Either a regular text of the screen, or the big screen for 

Video, as long as plug in the LED wireless transmission terminal, you can break the traditional LED display at once, be able to connect with mass wireless LED display showing. The wireless LED information display is a kind of brand-new information media, Once it is available, it has been widely accepted by the society.

The "flow" display and the characteristics of networked information is more popular in advertising.

Now GPRS wireless LED screen become a kind of new advertising media. 

Two, Wireless LED screen information publishing system characteristics.

Large scale of networking. The content of the traditional LED display sent by a computer through a serial port cable, the number of received showing videos are limited, wireless LED screen information publishing system through GPRS wireless network to send information, using TCP/IP network transport protocol, Terminal connected to the number is not restricted. The number is not restricted at the terminal connected to the Internet. 

Real-time release information. Traditional LED display can only be fixed display of information stored in the controller, if you want to release new information, only through the computer online to update the information.The wireless LED display can receive information from center issued by the ministry of information.

Without being limited by the distance, traditional electronic display can only be used over short distances, usually only tens of meters. The wireless LED display across the country, as long as you can use wireless GPRS network coverage, it is not restricted by distance and location.

Easy installation and maintenance. Because GPRS wireless LED screen does not need to lay optical cable or communication cable, the installation position of the wireless LED display is easy to choose. The product adopts modular design, so that it is easy to maintain and repair.



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