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LED Display FAQ

LED display Basics Knowledge

 1: What is LED?

LED is the acronym for light-emitting diodes (Light emitting diode), the display industry called "LED", refers specifically to be able to emit visible light of LED; 
2: What is a pixel? 
The minimum luminous pixel LED display, with ordinary computer monitor, said the "pixel" the same meaning; 
3: What is the pixel pitch (spacing)? 
Another pixel distance from the center to the center of a pixel; 
4: What is the LED display module
By a plurality of display pixels, the separate structure, the LED display can be composed of a minimum unit. Typically have "8 × 8", "5 × 7", "5 × 8", etc. 
And by the particular circuit configuration can be assembled as a module; 
5: What is the LED display modules? 
Determined by the mounting structure of the circuit and having a display function, the display function realized by a simple assembly of the basic unit; 
6: What is the LED display? 
Through a controlled manner, the LED array of the display device; 
7: What is the plug lamp module? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 
Refers to the DIP package lights will light foot through the PCB by soldering tin filled in the light hole made ​​by such a process module is inserted lamp module; advantage of viewing angle, high brightness, good heat dissipation ; drawback is the small pixel density; 
8: What is a surface-mount module? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 
Paste also called SMT, SMT package will be light through the welding process of welding on the surface of the PCB, light feet without passing through PCB board, made ​​from this process is called surface-mount module module; advantages are: large angle, display image soft, large pixel density, suitable for indoor viewing; drawback is high enough brightness, heat lamp itself is not good enough; 
9: What is Asia paste modules? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 
Asia paste between DIP and SMT is a product, package surface and its LED lights SMT same, but it's positive or negative level and the same pin DIP, as well as through the production of PCB to weld, and its the advantages are: high brightness, display good results, the disadvantage is: the process complicated, difficult maintenance; 
11: What is 3 and 1? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 
3 and 1 is the first innovation in our industry counterparts and begin to use, refers to the R, G, B three independent SMT package tied together in a certain light vertical spacing, so that not only has the 3-in-1 All individual advantages, but also to solve the shortcomings 3-in-1; 
13: What is the luminous brightness? 
LED display light intensity emitted per unit area, the unit is cd / ㎡, it simply is the light intensity emitted by one square meter display; 
14: What is the brightness level? 
The entire screen brightness at minimum to maximum brightness between manual or automatic adjustment of the series; 
15: What is a gray scale? 
Under the same brightness level, the display technology from darkest to lightest progression between treatment; 
17: What is the PCB? 
PCB is (Printed Circuit Board abbreviation) printed circuit boards;; 
18: What is the contrast? 
Under certain environmental illumination, LED display brightness and background ratio of the maximum brightness; 
19: What is Color? 
A light source emitting light with a color hue of the black body radiation at a certain temperature while the temperature of the blackbody is called the light source color. 
20: What is the frame frequency? 
Unit time display screen update times; 
22: What is a perspective? What is perspective? What is the best angle? 
Observation direction of the viewing angle is the brightness drops to 1/2, both the same plane normal to the direction of observation direction normal to the direction of the LED display of the angle formed by the luminance. Divided into horizontal and vertical viewing angles; 
Viewing angle is just to see the display image content direction and the angle formed by the normal display screen; 
Best view is just able to see the full content of the display, and not cast, image content clearest direction normal to an angle; 
24: What is a control point? Several sub? 
Emitting state and control requirements do not match the pixels; runaway points are divided into: blind (also known as dead), often highlights (or dark spots), a flash point of three; 
26: What is a constant current driver? What is a constant drive? 
Constant is the current value of the IC allows the driver work environment, constant output design requirements; constant is the driver IC permitted within the work environment, the design specified constant output voltage value; 
27: What is the rated working voltage? What is the operating voltage? What is the supply voltage? 
Rated working voltage refers to the voltage to work properly when using electrical appliances; work is the use of electrical voltage within the rated voltage range, the voltage value during normal operation; supply voltage of AC and DC supply voltage, AC voltage supply our display all is AC220V ~ 240V, DC supply voltage is 5V; 
28: What is the color distortion? 
Refers to the nature and on the display, both the difference in the visual senses of the human eye with an object; 
29: What is a synchronous system, what is the asynchronous system? 
Synchronous and asynchronous relative to the computer said so-called synchronous system, LED display control system is the screen that displays the contents of the computer monitor and simultaneous display of; asynchronous system refers to a computer edited to display data previously stored in display control within the system, the computer shut down will not affect the normal display LED display, this control system is asynchronous system; 
30: What is the brightness of what is detected brightness adjustment?? 
Brightness detection means that the luminance brightness of the environment where the LED display, through the light sensor, the display is currently in the ambient brightness detected, this detection method is called the brightness detection; brightness adjustment in the brightness of said LED display means emitted light intensity detected data is fed back to control the LED display control system or a computer, and then adjust the brightness of the display to adjust according to the data, called brightness adjustment; 
Refers to the virtual pixels on the physical number of pixels and the display pixels of the actual display point is 1: N (N = 2,4) of the relationship (such as triple paste, three lights together as one pixel). image pixels can be displayed 2 times or four times larger than the actual pixel display; 
Virtual pixel according to the virtual control can be divided into: software virtualization and hardware virtualization; according to multiple relationships into: 2x and 4x virtual virtual, according to the row of lights on the way into a module: 1R1G1B 2R1G1GB virtual and virtual; 
32: What is the remote control? Under what circumstances? 
Is not necessarily a remote-distance. Remote control includes a main control terminal and the control terminal within a LAN, but the space is not far away; and the main control terminal and the control terminal two in distant space distance; customer requirements or according to the customer beyond the control of the position of the fiber directly distance control, then use the remote control; 
33: What is a fiber optic transmission? What is a cable transmission? 
Optical fiber transmission is to convert electrical signals into optical signals using a transparent glass fiber transmission; transmission cable with a metal wire is to be transmitted directly to an electric signal; 
34: Under what circumstances a network cable? Fiber under what circumstances? 
When the distance is less than the computer display and control 100M, with a network cable transmission; When the distance between them is less than 500M 100M greater than when using multimode fiber, when the distance is greater than 500M or more, with a single-mode fiber; 
36: What is DVI What is VGA?? 
DVI is the acronym for Digital Video Interface, namely digital video interface. It is now internationally accepted as a digital video signal interface; 
The English name is VGA Video Graphic Array, that display graphics array. It is the R, G, B of three analog outputs have video signal interface; 
37: What is a digital signal? What is a digital circuit? 
Digital signal refers to a signal amplitude value is discrete, the amplitude limiting means is between 0 and a finite value of the two; processing and control circuit of this signal is called the digital circuit; 
38: What is the analog signal? What is analog? 
Refers to the analog signal at the time of the signal amplitude values ​​are continuous; such signal processing and control circuitry is called the analog circuit; 
40: What is the AGP slot? 
Accelerated Graphics Port. AGP is an interface specification that enables 3D graphics on a common PC display at a faster rate. AGP is a design for a faster and more stable transmission of 3D graphics interface. It uses ordinary PC's main memory to refresh the image display, support for texture mapping, alpha blending, etc. zero buffering and 3D graphics technology. 
41: GPRS technology to display the usefulness of there? 
GPRS data network based on mobile communication, our LED display data for data communication via GPRS transceiver module, you can point the remote places of the small amount of data transfer! The purpose of remote control;


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