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LED Display FAQ

Anti-static for LED Display

 In hotels, shopping malls, hall, stage, such as some indoor venues, such as on LED advertising screen electrostatic protection is particularly important. Some well-known LED display manufacturer in the manufacturing process, the LED advertising screen anti-static is still doing quite in place. Let's system to learn some knowledge about LED advertising screen is static.

Electrostatic sources
Electrostatic can affect dense circuit, main sources with the human body, plastic products and related equipment, including from the use of the environment.
1.Objects and materials.
2.Cement floor, the paint or waxing floor, plastic tile or plastic flooring.
3.Overalls and packaging container.
4.Floor, work tables and chairs.
5.Paint or the surface of the wax, organic and glass fiber materials.
6.Plastics, packing box, box, bag, disc, plastic foam pad.
7.Chemical fiber clothes, not conductive work shoes, clean cotton overalls.

Electrostatic protection method

1. To set up the antistatic workspace, anti-static floor is put in use in the district, esd workstation, anti-static grounding wire and anti-static equipment, and the relative humidity control in more than 40.
2. The use of electrostatic sensitive circuit static knowledge and the related technical training.
3. ESD damaged equipment to distinguish mark, should not be confused with normal equipment.
4. caused by static electricity for electronic equipment damage may occur in some small details, should pay attention to the processing of detail.
5. Chemical fiber clothes, not conductive work shoes, clean cotton overalls.

Package and transport
In daily operation, ESD sensitive equipment should have been stored in the anti-static bag or container.
In the production and living, we want to LED advertising screen cause attaches great importance to the anti static, electrostatic damage to the LED advertising screen can lead to very high, we can through some necessary method, the electrostatic damage to the LED advertising screen to a minimum.


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