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LED Display FAQ

LED heat dissipation technology present situation and progress

 In practice, improve the heat dissipation of LED display, not only improve the efficiency of the heat release for LED display, also can achieve the effect of power conservation, to improve the effect of the service life of the LED display.

1. Fan cooling. Lamp shell with long life high efficiency fan for cooling. It is a commonly used method. This method is low cost and good effect.
2. Using aluminum radiator fins, this is the most common way of heat dissipation. Use aluminum radiator fins as a part of the shell to increase the cooling area.
3. Air fluid mechanics. Using the lamp shell shape, create air convection, this is the lowest cost to strengthen the cooling method. 
4. Surface radiation heat treatment, lamp shell surface make radiation heat treatment, which 
print radiation heat paint. It can use heat radiation way out of lamp shell surface.
5. The use of high thermal conductive ceramics. Lamp shell heat dissipation is the purpose of reduce the working temperature of the led hd display chip. Due to the LED chip expansion coefficient are different from common metal thermal conductivity and heat dissipation material.
The LED chip can not be directly welded to avoid high and low temperature thermal stress damage LED display chip.
6. Thermal pipe heat dissipation. Using the heat conductive tube, guide heat of the LED display
to shell cooling fins.
The cooling technology of LED display will be conducive to its saving, environmental protection concept. LED electronic display manufacturers on the LED display production, adopt various method to improve the heat release of LED display.


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