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Led display news

LED Display VS LCD Splicing Screen

With the enlargement of the LED display application range and infiltration, the application of LED electronic display screen and LCD splicing is becoming more and more fierce competition.Today both can be used in some occasions, so how to choose? And what is the difference between both and advantage?

LED display is also called electronic display, is made up of LED dot matrix and LEDpc panel, with red, blue, white, bright green LED lights to display text, images, animation, video, the content of the display.It adopts low voltage scanning drive, has: less consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, low malfunction, large Angle of view, the visual distance, etc.It can display the change of text, graphics, images, digital, video;Not only can be used in indoor environment also can be used in outdoor environment, with a LCD screen, projector, TV wall incomparable advantages, is widely used in railway stations, docks, airports, hotels, Banks, securities market, construction market, tax, shopping malls, hospitals, financial, industrial and commercial, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, industrial enterprises, transportation, education system, auction houses and other public places, industrial enterprise management.

LED display is widely attention and got rapid development, with it itself has the advantages of the inseparable.It features: high brightness, miniaturization, long service life, low work voltage, low consumption, stable performance and impact resistance.LED display screen colorful, stereo sense is strong, static, such as oil paintings, such as movies, LED development prospect is very broad, is toward the higher brightness, higher resistance to climate, higher luminous density, higher luminescence uniformity, reliability, full color direction.

But the LCD splicing screen LCD display unit USES stitching way, by joining together control software system, to realize the large screen display a splicing screen.The common way of joining together with 5.3 MM 55 inch ultra narrow side of the LCD splicing, 6.7 MM 46 inch ultra narrow side of the LCD splicing screen, 47 inch LCD splicing, 60 inch LCD splicing wall and 40 inch LCD splicing system narrow side.

Then the LED display screen and LCD splicing, compared to just who is the true king of the screen, concrete analysis from the following several aspects we can be clear at a glance.
1. The service life of the LED longer than the life of the LCD.
2. Refresh rate LED the refresh rate is higher than LCD, rapid response speed.
3. In terms of energy consumption of the LED is much lower than LCD, so use LED environmental protection better.
4. Brightness: LED color is more pure than, have a wide color gamut, brightness is higher, also can increase the Angle of screen.
5. Viewing distance: LCD for a closer look at, but at the moment the LED pixel pitch has to be 2 mm, a closer look at also is not a problem.


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