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Led display news

Advantages of development led display industry

 From the developing trend of LED display industry as a whole, compared to domestic enterprises have a certain cost advantages for foreign companies.At present, the domestic LED products price is about thirty percent and fifty percent of the same products abroad, but many enterprises in our country also can maintain relatively stable profits, the main reason is because the domestic application of material price is cheaper, plus VAT rebate policy.From these two factors, so that domestic LED display cost about thirty percent of the foreign product cost, due to low investment, big returns, greatly improve the market competitiveness of domestic products.

Such as the main components of product, that is LED lamp bead. Domestic lamp bead many production enterprises in China, thus greatly lower the product cost of production. And from the perspective of the cost of domestic LED display, one of the biggest proportion for the LED lamp bead, the basic proportion reached nearly forty percent. Domestic display the LED lamp bead, most of them adopt domestic enterprise or their packaging, and other foreign enterprises in the world USES the international well-known manufacturers, or Cree lights. According to industry figures, the domestic LED lamp bead costs about a third of international companies, then assuming that other material costs at home and abroad are the same, just because the price difference of lights at home and abroad, our country display cost is about forty-five percent less compared to international manufacturers
Moreover, per capita wage abroad about China's seven times or so, we assume that the other constant cost, from artificial cost consideration, only domestic display overall costs seventeen percent lower than abroad. The cost of materials and other applications, such as empty boxes, steel structure, PCB circuit boards, IC, sending card and receiving card, power supply system, such as equipment, by contrast, the price gap at home and abroad are large, plus screen design factors, such as comprehensive consideration, the domestic product cost about fourteen percent of the foreign product. Domestic LED display exports will enjoy the seventeen percent VAT tax refund, so and foreign difference is bigger.


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